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Shaina Shazadi

Trauma healing practitioner


I am Ayahuasca in a martini glass.

Like Ram Dass meets Rick Ross.

A way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, soul awakening queen, activator, mystic and oracle creating sacred spaces of safety.

A shadow  illuminator, bullshit & energy leak detector, energy alchemist, lover, inner child liberator, timeline traveler, permission giver, truth speaker, pattern disruptor and sovereign sorceress of the unseen realms.

A double fire sign w/ a rising Gemini,

enneagram 7 & 8 and a generator. 

Healing Journey

You are guided to me when you're ready

Whatever you identify with (background, religion, race, gender) you are welcome here because I am not attached to your identity nor mine. I see your soul Kings, Queens and Nonbinary royalty.

I work with a majority of women but am here for the men too. Cant help a community without helping the leader.

I don't call myself a healer because WE ARE ALL HEALERS. We're all repairing ourselves on a cellular level every day. There's so many autonomic functions happening as you're reading this. When approaching this work as "fixing" someone, it means they're "broken". No one is broken. We are simply stuck & conditioned. I hold space, seeing your blind spots and have the key for you to unlock your potential.

I enjoy speaking on the things I'm passionate about-embodiment, dating/relationships, witchy "spiritual" manifesting, mindset, nervous system regulation, trauma and more.

I love helping people get into alignment-find their purpose (fulfill their dharma), have juicy relationships, lush abundance and most of all come into union with God.

We are all humans having a spiritual experience. Being human is the most spiritual thing you can do. That's why you're drawn to this work. Its ancient wisdom that's deep in your DNA. I am here to remind you of it. Time to break the spell and de-condition from societal and cultural programs. Return to YOUR true essence. This is a space of no shame or judgement. Spirituality has little to nothing to do with beliefs and everything to do with experience. 

Witches call it spells. Christians call it prayer. Muslims call it dua. Spiritualists call it manifestation. Atheists call it placebo effect. Scientists call it quantum physics. Everyone's arguing over its name. No one is denying its existence.

Whether you call it God/Goddess, Divine, Source, Allah, Creator-

it's that 1 Higher power we are all connected to.

Whether you call it praying, making an invocation, declaration, decision, manifesting, setting intention, doing a spell-its co-creation with that 1 Higher power. 

There are as many Paths to God as there are people on the planet.

Trust your Path.

My passion has always been to empower people. Growing up I wanted to be a doctor (dropped out PA school), therapist or midwife. I have obtained a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Master of Science in Healthcare Administration, however, I soon learned  illness is a business. I have integrity to address the root of issues and cannot be part of a system going against my values. Western medicine has its place and my work is complimentary if anything. To each their own.

My intent is to get you to a place of advocating for your own well-being.

Not depending on me or anyone for that matter.

As a deep knowledge seeker and forever student of life.

This isn't all woo-woo quackery, there's a TON of science behind it. I've always been intuitive, into astrology and numerology buff and over the years becoming well versed in major religions.

My modalities and techniques range from somatic to subconscious to conscious to soul oriented. I incorporate all the modalities I'm certified and trained in including 10+ types of Reiki, EFT, breath work, NLP, sacred soul & light symbols, alignments & belief healing all in your Akashic and Galactic records.

p.s: When you’re drawn to work with someone it’s because you’re meant to work with them.

They have the codes- the things you need to hear, know or do for your next level.

My job is to be redundant, not have you be dependent on me. 



What we can


More like what cant we work on. There's no one size fits all.Working with your subconscious mind and in the Akasha we rewire your nervous system clearing out energy keeping you stuck.

This work is a soul journey across all timelines and dimensions so you expand and elevate aligning to your master blueprint.


We can work on whatever you are going through, anxiety, depression,processing and struggling with including relationship issues (breakup, divorce, being in divine partnership), addiction of any kind, health concerns (example:throat issues stem from imbalanced throat chakra),  finding your purpose, reclaiming your power/confidence.



“In just 6 months of finding and dedicating myself to Shaina's work my life has changed. It's a worthwhile investment.I kept up with sessions and used the products and am in the healthiest relationship ever making more money too.

I am amazed at what I've accomplished in such a short time.



About me


Certified in all modalities practiced. Constantly learning more and staying up-to-date.


Host of podcast SOUL SELF as an additional resource to learn more and for you to see if we're a match.


Offering 1:1 sessions, monthly spells, masterclasses, private telegram group


Lunar charged energy infused candles, soaps, bath soaks, crystal jewelery and more.

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