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Shaina Shahzadi

Somatic healer, Womb Priestess, ​Mindset & Embodiment Coach


I am Ayahuasca in a martini glass.

Like Ram Dass meets Rick Ross.

A way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper and light in the darkness's. A soul awakening queen, activator, mystic and oracle creating sacred spaces of safety. A shadow  illuminator, bullshit & energy leak detector, energy alchemist, lover, inner child liberator, timeline traveler, permission giver, truth speaker, pattern disruptor and sovereign sorceress of the unseen realms.

A double fire sign- Aries & Sagittarius w/ a rising Gemini, enneagram 7 & 8 and a generator. 

You don't find me, you are guided to me when you're ready

Opening my heart, soul and energy to welcome you


Healing Journey

My Story


Whatever you identify with (background, religion, race, gender) You are welcome here because I am to attached to your identity nor mine.I see your soul Kings, Queens and Nonbinary royalty.

 We are all spiritual beings, thats why you're drawn to this work.Its ancient wisdom thats deep in your DNA. I am here to unlock and remind you of it. Time to break the spell and de-condition from societal and cultural programs.Return to YOUR true essence.This is a space of no shame or judgement.Spirituality has little to nothing to do with beliefs and everything to do with experience. We are all spiritual beings, thats why you're drawn to this work. Its ancient wisdom thats deep in your DNA. I am here to unlock and remind you of it. 

Witches call it spells. Christians call it prayer. Muslims call it dua. Spritualists call it manfiestation. Atheists call it placebo effect. Scientists call it quantum physics. Everyones arguing over its name. No one is denying its existence. Whether you call it God/Goddess/Sky daddy/ Divine, Universe, Source, Allah, Creator-it's that 1 Higher power we are all connected to. Whether you are praying, making an invocation, declaration, decision, manifesting, setting intention, doing a spell-its co-creation with that 1 Higher power. There are as many Paths to God as there are people on the planet. Trust your Path.

I work with a majority of women but am here for the men too. Cant help a community without helping the leader.

My passion has always been to help people therefore, I have obtained a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Master of Science in Healthcare Administration, however, I soon learned  illness is a business. I have integrity to address the root of issues and cannot be part of a system going against my values. Western medicine has its place and my work is complimentary. My intent is to get you to a place of advocating for your own well-being. Not depending on me or anyone for that matter.


While obtaining my Masters, I became a board certified psychospiritual coach & energy healer certified in numerous modalities inlcuding:10+ types of Reiki (traditional, Angel, Lemurian, Arcturian, 7 rays, Dragon, Moon, Fire, Protection, & Womb), crystal and sound healing, herbology, sacred soul alignment, emotion and body coding. I've infused and created my own modalities which I refer to as quantum theta healing. Initially it was all for myself to regulate my period, not burn out from hustle culture and love myself while also cultivating healthy relations-romatic and platonic. Little did I know once embodied this is my purpose. 


My infusion/approach of energetic and somatic healing is a fusion unlike anything else out there. Matter of fact you wont find anyone who does exactly what I do. Perfect balance of the masculine and feminine, the woo-woo and science. Duality baby. See how lucky you are to be guided here?

Over the years, I have become an expert in helping women step out of their masculine armor, tap into their core feminine desires and live a life in alignment. I have helped women heal their relationship to their feminine, find loving polarized relationships, embody their witchy magick, reconnect with their period, break their trauma cycles and no longer be triggered by their past or burn out being part of hustle culture. I've helped men with their purpose and step into their leadership. Also, aiding men and women to re-establish their relation with God, Allah, Universe, Source & co-create with manifesting, praying, intention setting & declarations for their desires.


I've helped 100's of clients from around the world to be free of their trauma and helped them fully heal from:

Alcoholism from family members and abuse that came with it

Drug addiction and abuse from family members and/or themselves

Abusive relationship

Loss of loved one

People pleaser

Disconnect from your feminine


Lack of self worth

Rape and any level of sexual assault

Emotionally unavailable parents

Emotional neglect as a child or at any stage of your life

Avoidant or anxious tendencies now and/or as a child

Death of loved ones and how that affects you now

Being 'cold' and struggling to soften, let people in and be vulnerable

Painful sex, or a fear of being intimate

Religious trauma


Painful periods

Miscarriages and abortions

Communication and being able to speak your truth in any and all situations

Fears of rejection and/or abandonment

Anxiety of any sort

Constant reoccurring dreams

Unexplained infertility

Period problems of any kind

Always being in a fight or flight response. Being stressed all the time, overwhelmed, fear of not doing enough

Being very reactive, quick to explode, or be aggressive

Partners that have cheated, broken your heart, lied to you, manipulated you

Controlling partners or parents

Abuse of any kind (physical, emotional, mental)

Being addicted to the hustle culture

Feeling like you have 'block's that are stopping you from getting to your next level

Scarcity around money

Accidents of any kind 

And so much more...

So, if you read this list and you're like "this is me, I need this",

book a session, I cant wait to support you.

I choose to work with full "FUCK YES"dedicated souls

so if thats you- I'd love to serve you.


Cut the excuses and follow your heart.

Don't wait another day to be free of your bs and to live the life that you deserve.

Nothing will change if you don't take action.

It's time to take control, stop being constantly held back by the same shit every day and know that you can achieve full

mind, body and soul freedom.

Lets push your edges (stop living on autopilot) unlock the codes to upgrade your energetic blueprint for embodying the fullness of who you are.




“In just 6 months of finding and dedicating myself to Shaina's work my life has changed. It's a worthwhile investment.I kept up with sessions,joined Shakti Alchemy, Let me be men and used the products and am in the healthiest relationship ever making more money too. All her work is in layers and I will get into the other programs too. Her podcasts are always what I need to hear too. ”



About Me


I'm a master of embodiment and re-coding for men and women which has helped my clients be free of their trauma. Also, a mystic and oracle channeling reading cards guiding you.


The host of SOUL SELF podcast where I jam out on all I am passionate about. See directory of what to listen to.


Created supportive  in depth courses, 7 week group coaching, monthly spells, masterclasses & healings. 


A sorceress with an apothecary line of lunar charged & magick infused items (order online) or visit at a pop-up near you!

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