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Toxic Fairytale


Does it sound too good to be true? Are you ignoring the red flags? Are you the "crazy" delusional one? Do you say yes for fear of not being liked? Always walking on egg shells, fixing, over explain yourself or try to keep the peace? Whether its romantic or platonic relationships, recognizing a narcissist and upholding boundaries is essential. This is a course is all about embodying your boundaries, recognizing & maneuvering relations with narcissist. We go into: -Energetic boundary protection -Understanding why you lack boundaries, how to know your boundaries -Navigating difficult conversations -Self concept to shift external reality - The red flags of narcs, what to look out for - What attracts a narcissist, what they are looking for - How they can make you feel, the signs you need to be wary of - Understanding the abuse cycle (that can become addictive) - Healing from narcissistic abuse, break-ups with these type of people - How to self-regulate, forgive, move on - How to attune yourself to being empowered + begin repelling these kind of people to protect your heart. Includes: -Masterclass w/8 hours worth of content -4 healing audios including cord cutting, remembering who you are, narc healing and safety imprinting. -Bonus:Knowing your worth audio -New supporting audio over time at no additional cost




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