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Tue, Dec 26


Conducted online

Full Moon NYE spell

Full Moon NYE spell
Full Moon NYE spell

Time & Location

Dec 26, 2023, 7:00 PM PST

Conducted online

About the event

This will be a custom 7 day candle made by me. It will be a week long working for cleanse, protect and manfiesting. 

Candles will be lit on the full moon the 26th for cleansing, clearing evil eye & ill intentions, removing curses, clearing stagnant energies connected to repetitive love, money, career setbacks, and a lifting heavy energies.Then it focuses on strong protection against enemies and creating a powerful shield against gossipers, jealous rivals, and negative harmful forces on all levels. This is ideal for those under genuine psychic attack and "witch wars", physical harassment, physical abuse, and I found it to be particularly helpful for those going through difficult legal troubles (particularly custody battles and for the wrongfully accused.) Then we clear paths to opportunity and success in any are of life-health, love, money. We bless your path by calling in everything and everyone you need to accomplish your goal. This spell also focuses on making offerings to the guardian of the crossroads. Perfect for when you’re feeling stuck and things are moving too slowly, starting a new business or venture, blessing a current business and take to the next level, job hunting, promotions, and blessing any project you might be working on.

Upon booking, email ( your full name, birthdate and 10-15 intentions.

"Real magic is worth the wait and cannot be rushed."Please keep these words in mind throughout the process. Please give me and the spirits space/time to work and in the meantime focus on your goal and be positive about it. If you are having any love spells done DO NOT fight with the person or engage in any arguments or you can block or completely derail the process altogether. If you have contact with the person please remember your overall goal and act accordingly. Once the spellwork is completed it is standard to give it time to to process.There are no ballpark times when results are to be expected as each case is unique. Spellwork is not guaranteed, as it is not an exact science and we are dealing with spiritual energy, I do however have a high success rate and ask you must have faith and confidence in the work we are doing. Positive expectation and patience are of the most important factors in spellwork. Once the spellwork is completed my contract is fulfilled.Must be 18 years or older for services.

*Spellwork is, by law, for entertainment purposes only, spellwork is subject to interpretation and should not be taken as absolute. For legal reasons I can make no claims and can not guarantee results. Spellwork is never guaranteed 100% effective. All spellwork services given by me are for entertainment purposes only, and no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of a effectiveness. Spellwork does not replace professional medical/legal/ business opinion and advice. It will not force you to follow a particular course of action, or attempt to exert any form of control over your free-will and common sense. Any decisions made, or actions taken by you as a result of your spellwork service are your sole responsibility and have not been forced upon you, by me, your practitioner. I assume no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions, subsequent to, or based on, my spellwork services. Please use your own common sense and judgment at all times. It is only with the complete understanding and acceptance of the above that your reading will take place. In the event that psychological material is brought forward that is best served by a professional therapeutic relationship, understand that such a relationship may be possible, but is not always wise to develop such a relationship with the Shaina Shazadi or Bloom Shakti. Additional assessment of need and documentation can be engaged in to assure that your needs are properly provided for, in an ethical and caring way, which may require a referral to another practitioner. Unless such a relationship is established with Shaina Shazadi or Bloom Shakti, neither entity is in any way operating in the capacity of a mental health care provider, and accepts no associated responsibility or liability. I do not offer spellwork to anyone under 18 years of age. By accepting this reading you confirm you are 18 years of age or over. You fully understand and agree to the above terms and forfeit all right to bring a suit against Bloom Shakti (Shaina Shazadi), its stake holders or the stakeholders of any property where Bloom Shakti is operating, including in the event of accident in which I am harmed. I will make every effort to obey safety precautions as listed in writing and as explained to me verbally. I will ask for clarification when needed, and understand that spellwork is not in any way a psychotherapeutic relationship, and therefore is not governed by ,or responsible to, relevant licensing boards.I reserve the right to deny or cancel services.There are no refunds or exchange.


  • Full Moon NYE Spell

    +$3.05 service fee



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