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w/Shaina Shazadi

About Me


Trauma healing practitioner

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You are meant to be


The very fact that you are here, on this page, tells me that you are ready for your next iteration of life.

Your highest timeline & soul upgrade.

We live in a world where we are deeply conditioned and socialized. We are born feeling safe and quickly develop fight, flight, freeze or fawn responses without realizing its impact. As we go through this human journey,  we close off our hearts from experiences of pain and loss. We subconsciously think we arent  enough and worthy. Despite it being our birthright!

We fear pursuing our truest and deepest desires. Conforming to what we think we should do. What works for others.

We lose connection to self and maybe even God, drowning out our internal guidance system. 

Everything begins on an energetic level then affecting the mind, body and our experience.

Hence why I utilize somatic (the body) practices to regulate the nervous system and energetic

practices to release trauma (stuck energy) in the form of dis-ease, emotions, beliefs, patterns etc.


This allows you to get out of your mind and anchor into the body.

Having balanced energy results in an expanded nervous system.

The answers you seek are within you, in your body.

Imagine a home that was always stressed, uncomfortable, painful, and full of unprocessed stuff.

You wouldn't want to return home after a day of work would you?

You would stay out and walk around, anything to go back home.

But if you also knew that in that home there was lots of

joy, love, abundance, and gratitude you would most likely be OK with going back.

This is what it's like for us in our bodies.

For years the body becomes an unsafe space.

So we use distraction, overthinking, health problems, addictions to get away from it.

But when we tap into those moments of joy in real time, and feel what that feels

like in our body in that very moment, our body takes a snapshot and remembers that.

Slowly we return home. Back into the body.

Where yes there will be uncomfort, but also love and compassion.

Start living from your core, not conditioning.

Your emotions are a guide. The body is our emotional home.

Your triggers reflect spaces to go deeper within.

This work is a soul recalibration. A deep initiation of liberation.

The key is to establish safety in the body.

No more trauma and drama.

Become the most expressed version of yourself integrating mind, body and soul alignment.

Open your body and allow its wisdom to travel through you, then spread it into the world.

Its time to let go of fulfillmen from external sources- crystals, pendulums, etc. 

If you only knew, youre more than enough.

Trust that you are blossoming.

Dissolve old patterns and programmings.

Are you ready to re-code and unlock new levels?

Purge old beliefs, stories, programs and limitations,

choosing your truth and embody your highest timeline.

Come back home, to you....


Work w/Me


Work with me from 1:1 sessions, 8 week mentorship, monthly new & full healings, monthly Telegram support and self paced courses.


Lunar charged & energy infused products to assist your journey. Order online or pick up locally.


Colorful Crystal



Why do this work?

To live your best life, process your human experiences, break cycles & heal your lineage. 

Do I need to talk about my trauma?Re-live it?

No. The body is a smart computer and given what it needs it will process/release all its harboring. 

What about talk therapy?

Talk therapy helps to get it out of your mind and its the first part of healing. It's a great addition to my work because when you talk your body dosent know if its happening again, the physiological responses kick in. Energetic and somatic healing TOGETHER breaks patterns, shifts frequencies so you can embody a new way of living. Human psychology is complex, theres no black and white rules.

Somatic  energy healing

& Trauma

Triggers indicate trauma. Trauma is an incomplete response of your nervous system. So when some thing happens and you don't fully process it (get to feel your emotions), the energy gets stuck, body feels unsafe and is then a  blockage weak point//trauma.

With somatic work we regulate the nervous system, allow new ways of being and thinking. With energy medicine we disrupt the pattern from the source whether its from a past life, in utero or childhood. Issues are in the tissues- modern day escapism amplifies trauma dysregulating our nervous system and keeping us in loops. During sessions anything suppressed will arise and we alchemize it, install new programming.


And pop up events

Soul Self


What you listen to affects your energy.
Be in a high vibe and learn something new.

Available on all streaming platforms.

If you’re looking to work with me,
get to know me and see if we are a match.

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