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This is a great low investment option to be in my energy and get familiar with my work.

Wonderful to have access to in addition to sessions as well.

If you're in any of the programs, working your magick with my apothecary items or know nothing about this but know you need to experience it or perhaps arent in a place for 1:1 sessions yet then I hope to see you inside.


This exclusive group has chisme, daily inspiration, access to over 40 self paced healings, tappings and previous

Bloom goddesshood circles plus teachings on mindset, emotional intelligence, nervous system regulation and other spiritual topics.


Self paced Healings include:

 Clearing distorted relationships & love patterns, Relationship healing, Deep heart healing and activating, Environment and atmosphere healing, Meat Fat & Oils healing, Sugar healing, Spiritual & religious trauma, Medical and Dental Trauma, Pattern Disconnect, Golden White flame activation for Freedom, Forgiveness, Wisdom, Truth, Peace & Strength. 

PLUS- a 21 day energy alignment & supportive sessions for daily intention, sleep support, 5G EMF protection, dense energy clearing, Mercury RX healing, patterns complete and more.

Tappings on various topics:

Body & Health, Desire Purpose & Passion, Divine Feminine & Mindset (based on podcast series), Happiness, Letting Go, Love & Relationships & Money!

Bloom Goddesshood circles covering:

Brigid, Isis, Ixchel, Kali Ma/Ma Durga, Lakshmi, Kuan Yin, Yemaya & Sekhmet.

*Upon purchase, you will gain access to another page on the website that has the join link for the telegram group. Simply download the "telegram" app and click on the link*

  • Shakti Portal

    Every month
    Private group with inspiration, self paced healing/EFT library, teachings & more.
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