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Allows all obstacles and blocks to be resolved and dissolved to ensure your success in any and all aspects of life (whatever your intention is) love, money, health etc. Pairs well with any other candle to burn FIRST! 


We often have embedded beliefs, oaths or vows that tell us we must give up a lot to gain a lot. We experience strong resistance to success because we simply don’t believe it can happen without sacrifice. Nothing could be further from the truth. Extraordinary success can come to us with ease, and grace in ways that are beyond our imagination, when we release all resistance such as oaths and vows that compel us to believe otherwise.


Candles programmed with alignments of success without sacrifice which will eliminate resistance including beliefs, oaths and vows, that have us living with the expectation and creating a reality where immense sacrifice is needed for success to happen. It also gives us the true knowledge and understanding of success, what it feels like, and that we are worthy of it, just by being who we are.You Can Have It All which brings in the knowledge, understanding and perspective that you CAN have it all. It clears fears around having to choose, about losing one thing in order to have another - such as losing love to experience wealth. This will also brings in what it feels like to have it all, that you are worthy and safe to have it all as it clears fears of external judgement, punishment, and jealousy others may have around you having it all.And confidence. True confidence is empowering, inspiring and energizing – never arrogant, conceited or domineering. Confidence that arises from a place of clarity and authenticity will light the path to our soul’s purpose, and allow us to achieve our potential as we help others do the same.This alignment will bring in and connect you to the energy of true confidence and with your soul’s purpose so you are able to go forth with a sense of inner assurance and clarity that other people will be able to see and feel. It clears beliefs about yourself that block you from stepping into true confidence.


*all candles are made with coconut wax, herbs and oils are infused and theres crystals to keep your work going upon completion of candle magick.

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