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Ever have a friend who complains about everything and blames everyone and you are finding it exhausting to be around them? Or an acquaintance who (for some unknown reason) makes you feel uncomfortable every time you see them? Or maybe your ex moved out and you still feel their energy all around. Clean off the negativity of the day. Rid yourself of toxic vibes, workplace drama and the like. Protect yourself from negative people, places and situations.


Use this soap to protect your auric field and spiritual body from negative energy, bad vibes, psychic attack, and lower vibrational energies. When using this soap envision a protection shield surrounding your physical body and aura. I invoked the Violet Flame while activating this soap.


This soap can be used to remove  jinxes, hexes, crossed conditions, and all other types of magickal and psychic harm. Lather and apply this soap in a downward motion and focus on removing all jinxes, hexes, and crossed conditions. While using this soap, repeat three times, "No spell, jinx, or hex has any power over me. So mote it be!"


This is for purification. Lather and apply this soap in a downward motion and focus on removing all negativity. Very potent!


Handmade soap means every bar is unique. I hand blend all of my creations with intention and love, infusing every product with the power of the moon and Reiki as well.


For the longevity of your soap we recommend not leaving your soap in water for extended periods, but letting your soap dry in a soap dish.

Cleanse and Protect soap

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