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When we have an adequate amount of vitality, we feel ALIVE, vivacious, exuberant, passionate. Vital energy is known by Hindus as prana. The Hebrew name for "vital energy" is ruah. The Chinese call it chi or Qi.


Candle is programmed with Vitality to activate your innate vitality, bringing in passion, exuberance, joy and life force. It is working with your etheric body to dissolve discordant energy in your etheric body, and bring more light into your etheric body which will enhance your physical vitality, nervous system alignment to create a perfect connection between your body and your brain as it balances perception, emotion, thought processes and your response to the environment. This also brings healing to your brain and nerves, spinal cord and nerve endings. It allows full control and smooth coordination of body functions and reflex patterns that were both inherited and learned. It releases negative thought forms, and patterns of addiction and brings in theability to communicate effectively and with love, while activating truth and discernment from Creator’s perspective and Harmonize to dissolve discordant energies, emotions, belief systems, and trauma that are creating disharmony, bringing your mind, body and spirit into greater harmony.When we are out of harmony with anything, we are in resistance to it, and it is creating a state of DIS-harmony, which can lead to any number of DIS-eases, and an imbalanced emotional, spiritual and mental state. Harmony is a healing frequency, while disharmony is a harmful frequency. True harmony is the ability to be perfectly Whole and Complete, as you are, as things are around you.


*all candles are made with coconut wax, herbs and oils are infused and theres crystals to keep your work going upon completion of candle magick.


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