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"Money wants to flow to me."

"Money loves to be in my presence."

"Money, come to me."


This money magnet oil has elements of money drawing as well as attraction. You are attracting money into your life.  Money wants to be in your energy. Say the above affirmations and any other ones you are drawn to say before wearing.The intention with the honey is that money sticks to you! 


This oil works on mindset, connects you to longevity and the complexity of a wealth mindset. Exactly what you need to manifest for money magick. Wearing this oil also strengthens your creative genius. The downloads flow when wearing! Great to use when you are working on your business, during money and prosperity workings, manifestation exercises, and more.

I chose to add a lot of elements of the planet Venus in this blend so you make space in your vessel to allow wealth, release guilt, feelings of undeserving, unworthiness, etc.


Apply to wrist, back of neck, stomach area and bottom of feet. Rub some of the oil on your money, wallet, debit cards. You can also use this oil on candles to add intention, crystals, and more. 


I recommend pairing it with our plush and lavish bath soak/scrub, rich bitch soap, or rich bitch spray.


Made in ritual and infused with Magick, Intention and Reiki energy.Includes energetic alignments of particular Goddesses, herbs, crystals, colors, and wealth series.

I am a Money Magnet Oil

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