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This is a love oil.Bring in the loving energy with Sweet Love! It is filled with herbs and oils ruled by Venus. This blend promotes compassion, empathy, love, and romance. The energy of this blend is similar to the feelings you get with a new love, sweet and loving.


Firstly, if you feel stuck, challenged or blocked in love, it will uncross those who are unlucky in love. Its an exciting blend for stimulating passion and love- expect for necks to break or just the commitment you desire. He will have eyes ftor you only. This oil is good for drawing in new love, reconciliation work, enhance existing partnership and road opening work. It will attract the sweetest things-- such as love, beauty, and harmony. This blend also repels and protects the user from negativity in partnerships by breaking cycles. 


Use to annoint wrist, back of neck and bottom of feet daily. Also correspojding crystals/candles to add intention.


Made in ritual and infused with Magick, Intention and Reiki energy. Includes energetic alignments of particular Goddesses, herbs, crystals, colors and relationship series.

I am in a Divine Partnership Oil

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