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This is a self love and love candle. Whether you are single or in a relationship. You want to strenghten or call in Divine love. It all starts with you loving yourself.


This candle is programmed with alignments of Awakening the Heart to clear the places where you have locked and guarded your heart, giving you the feelings, beliefs and knowing that it is safe to awaken your heart. This Alignment will also give you the divine intuition you need to know who and what to awaken and open your heart to, Love yourself fully  to clear hundreds of beliefs and feelings around unworthiness and self-rejection, and the original traumas that created this false programming.. It also releases embedded fears, guilt, and shame that may block you from fully understanding and accepting that you are a being worthy of unconditional love from yourself and others. This will return you into a state of Wholeness and love for yourself. and Most Compatible Soulmate to clear past life trauma with soulmates and beliefs that are embedded because of that trauma. It resolves outdated oaths, vows and contracts with soulmates, marking lessons completed. This clears beliefs about soulmate love, including that it doesn’t exist or that you can’t have it. It sends out a beacon to attract and connect you with your MOST compatible soulmate in this Now Moment.


*all candles are made with coconut wax, herbs and oils are infused and theres crystals to keep your work going upon completion of candle magick.

Divine Love

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