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Tired of being alone?No luck with dating apps?Dating nice people but no one who feels invested?Looking for that special someone?Tired of being single?True connections can be hard to find! Want him to be loyal and stuck to you like glue? Consider yourself the honey jar babbbbyy! Help yourself open up to see people around you fully and harness those meaningful connections. Attract meaningful relationships. This is not for fleeting flights of fancy. This is meant for long-lasting serious relationships.


This Love soap is made to reignite and enhance the passion and love between lovers. It will help you connect with and bring out your inner love goddess! It is also for passion and seduction blend made into soap form.


When using this soap, massage on the body in an upwards motion and think thoughts of passion, romance, lust, and love.When using this soap, envision pink heart energy flowing into your heart center and focus on the energies of compassion, empathy, love, and romance. This soap carries the energy of Venus.Magickally infused with love drawing, passion, and seduction intentions. There are phermones in it so people will break necks and be extra kind to you.


Handmade soap means every bar is unique. I hand blend all of my creations with magick, intention and love, infusing every product with the power of the moon, alignments and Reiki as well. 


For the longevity of your soap we recommend not leaving your soap in water for extended periods, but letting your soap dry in a soap dish.

Love soap

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