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Vulva steaming (also known as yoni, vaginal or pelvic steaming), is a holistic practice in which select herbs are steeped in water to produce a steam that is exposed to the vulva.This ancient practice is seeing a revival as women are getting in touch with a more holistic connection to their bodies, and claiming divine autonomy in their dedication to self-care. Consider it a relaxing self care yoni (Sanskrit for pussy) facial. Vulva steams may be used to remedy microbial disruptions, irritation, inflammation, incessant itching, dryness and mild loss of external sensitivity. Steaming the vulva also encourages mild stimulation of the surface blood vessels and can gently increase local blood flow to the erogenous zones. 


The female reproductive system self-regulating. You can maintain optimal vaginal health without performing routine steams. My intention in this creation is to energetically detox past lovers energies and creating a relationship with your womb- that is your first guide and intuition, your 3rd eye is secondary. 

Goddess Portal (Yoni Steam) Soak

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