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Deep dive energy healing

  • 1 hour 45 minutes
  • 244 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

This is an energetic and somatic session IN PERSON OR DISTANT for new & returning (if 3+months) that releases trauma you may or may not be aware of. We can focus on worthiness, boundaries, overwhelm/anxiety/depression, personal growth, spiritual expansion, DNA awakening, love and relationships, or wealth and abundance. We begin with a 40 minute drop in- meditation, discussing what you are moving through- breakup, traumas, physical illness etc. somatic practices then move into 60 minutes of energy healing with Soul alignment, emotion and body coding, biomagnetism, crystal and sound therapy, chromotherapy, womb healing (ladies only) and Healy frequency device. We will see what comes through to assist you on your journey at this time. This work is also done in the Akasha so healing is through multiple timelines for you to heal past lifetimes, ancestral trauma and be your highest soul self this lifetime-have more confidence, setting boundaries, clarity and self trust etc. All sessions include: 30 day psychic protection, EMF 5G clearing, chakra alignment, aura strengthening, heart wall dissolving, emotion clearing, cord cutting, attachment removal & subtle body alignment for body to be alkaline & anything else that arises individually.For sustainable healing, the environment of where you go back- car, home and work space will be cleared as well. A session recap will be sent within 72 hours post session. Upon booking, you will receive a preparation guide. *Please note at check out whether session will be in person or distant. If distant, Zoom link will be sent within 12 hours of booking. Energy knows no distance I have clients in Australia and Spain. It is great if youre on the go/traveling, sick, dont want to deal with traffic etc. Also, sometimes its better to be in your own space to process- scream, cry, etc. Plus you get a timeless recording of the healing portion to keep dissolving layers the more you listen to it. *Follow up is recommended within 4 weeks then as needed for maintenance. It is dependent on where you fall on the trauma scale.

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