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And pop up events

All products are created on the full moon, lunar charged,
infused w/organic herbs & oils and programmed with energetic alignments
to amplify your intentions while also healing you.

10% of monthly sales donated to Wolf Connection rescue center based in Los Angeles.

Come check out our products in-person at one of our pop-ups!


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Womb care

If youre ready to dive into womb healing and dive into your Divine feminine this oil, yoni steam and tea will help you clear and activate your womb power. 






Spell Candles

Manifesting, praying and spells are all powerful. Its all about intention. With the element of fire you can achieve a lot and know whats in your path. Candle magick is quick and efficent for many things.





Anointing Oils

Annointing oils may be used on self- wrist, back of neck and bottom of feet as you pray or say your affirmations. It can be added to tea light candles for mini spellwork/candle magick, your bath, body lotion, annoint your yoni, money or honey!



We don’t have any products to show here right now.


Healing Bracelets

The power of crystals are infinite. Shaina suggests getting what you are drawn to rather than the description. Crystals powers cannot be determined just by what is said on social media.What you are drawn to will aide you in its own way. Each is strung by recitation of mantras and infused with Reiki then left to charge under the full moon.




Ritual Soaks

These powerful soaks are like getting a energy healing session by Shaina. It can be used for 1 powerhouse bath, 2 baths, foot soak or rub your body with it daily to harness the energy of your intention.



selenite wand.jpeg

Selenite wands

Selenite is a must have crystal. There are various types carried to cleanse yourself, your crystlas, protect your home and ward away negative people and nightmares.





Spray on yourself, items, spaces or add to bath/ floor wash for certain clearing properties. Reiki sprays can also promote relaxation and reduce stress.



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