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Want the steps, tools and energetic upgrade? These are not just self paced courses. Its more like Netflix for delicious self improvement. I've got it all laid out for you! If you like my podcasts, you'll LOVE this. Free content tells you the why not the how ;)

I'm far from basic so you wont get simple regurgitated information. These teachings are not from someone else. It will be fresh, a new perspective, insight, my own channeled knowledge and wisdom from Universe. Theres only so much that can be covered in 1:1 sessions so these go in-depth on various topics to support you. Dont under estimate the power of these self paced programs they are timeless, potent and specific. We hone in and hit the topic from every angle possible. 

 Programs are designed to support, uplift, educate and encourage you and I do that with enthusiasm and flair! But ultimately, it is you who will need to put in the time to create change. No one else can do this for you. If you are allergic to personal responsibility or of taking ownership of your own growth, this is not the right place for you. We always make time and show up for the things that matter.

You get to take things at your own pace here. No rules, no expectations: just do what works for you. You get to do this work on your own time, your own way. You get to create your own experience. You get to choose how you want to show up on your own terms and get what you need from these. How you hear and interpret the information will be different each time you listen and hear it. Every time you’ll get new insight. This information is timeless. Show up with all of you to get the most out of it.

Programs are priced on the value of transformation. If anything, it should be priced higher for all provided and continuous additions and yet you can’t put a price on this. The value is reflected with what you pay. It’s priced so you show up and do the program. Not just buy it and never log in and do it. 

Knowledge isn't free. You have to pay attention.

Knowledge is only powerful when it’s integrated. 

Ready to have it all in 2023?

Resolutions dont work. 

Want to know what does?


I share what I did to live my purpose,  make 6 figures live my, not burn out, travel, get my dream car and have the love of a lifetime! You get a PDF with health and time hacks, journal prompts, journaling track, manifesting track, 2 hour video with tons of gems and Quantum practice!

Quantum Leap



Tired of people pleasing?
Don't know how to say no? 
are you resentful?

Copy of Red and Yellow Painted Patterns Christmas Invitation (Instagram Story).png

The long overdue masterclass is here on-BOUNDARIES! You know if you need this. Everything you can think of relating to boundaries will be covered. Practicality and some magick tips.




In a new relationship?
heartbreak recovery? 
manifesting a specific person?

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With a few tweaks, changes and adjustments, you'll be feeling way more empowered, excited and secure when it comes to meeting your King Charming. We all deserve this kind of love, and many people settle for less. I know that your heart is CRAVING to be ravished, taken and devoured by THE man, so please do not give up.

Dating for Love,
Not Lust



Want to understand and communicate with men efficiently so you can have a better relationship with them?
Be a better boy mom?
Be in lover energy not mother your partner?

Copy of Copy of Copy of Bloom Goddesshood.png

If you want a better relationship with men you have to learn to communicate and understand them. Its a lot easier than you may think but we haven't been taught the differences and now is the opportunity to learn and apply it to have healthy thriving and fulfilling relationships. 

Let men,
Be Men



Ready to heal the witch & sister hood wound all women have?
Learn what type of witch you are?
Infuse magick in your life for protection, money and love?


Are you ready to heighten your intuition, find your purpose, heal ancestral lineage and work with the elements to amplify our manifestations? Then this is the course for you , you’ll get access to everything you can possibly imagine and then some





If you took level 1 then this is the next step above. If you're a well seasoned witch that knows how to open circles, read tarot, work with colors, the moon and herbs then this is for you. Its higher magick when it comes to entities and more.

Wisdom 2



Tired of PMS?
Irregular period?
Want a natural solution for Endo, PCOS, Fibroids.
  clear your womb and deepen your relationship with her?

thumbnail (6).png

Learn about the sacred temple and wisdom of your womb This is all about attuning and understanding your reproductive system and healing your relationship with your feminine side.

Womb Temple



Ready to be a master manfiestor?
Want to be abundant, prosperous and wealthy?
Heal your relationship with money and make yourself recession proof yourself?

Coming Soon(Instagram Post).png

After way too long of not understanding the energy and frequency around money and manifestations- I nailed it!With the engagement of this material, you’ll be well on your way to your dream life.Get the tools and practices that I have used to heal my own relationship with money, as well as with my clients.

No more feeling scarce as you are walking down the street, from now on you are abundant AF.FINALLY, your life is free of the daily internal battle that you have with money.

Magick Money
& Manifesting



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Being rich is an energy. You don't need to have it "all figured out" to live the life of your dreams! Because believe me: NO ONE has it all figured out! You just need to change your beliefs. And it's way easier than you think. Let me show you how! Here we dive into healing money wounds from the body. Reprogramming those beliefs of "Money is not the root of all evil. Rich people are not bad." Truth is-spending money isn’t bad. Wanting more money isn’t bad. Being wealthy is your birthright. It’s not greedy. It’s not snobby and it’s not wrong.if you are making money from fear, jealousy, anger, payback, or any low vibration emotion then it won’t buy happiness because you won’t be fulfilled. But if you are making money from a place of love, that buys happiness. 

Magick, Money 

& Manifesting 2



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