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Sacred Offerings

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To your next level.
An energetic upgrade to be in alignment with your
soul self.


I am only available for raw, deep, committed union with clients ready to transform.​

Come open ready to receive these codes, transmissions, and cellular healing.

A journey of dismantling, unraveling, disentangling and unbecoming illusions to come into self realization. and truth.


To show up for the most important person in your life- YOU.

Let go of all that no longer serves you.

Take a step, remember, reconnect and reclaim your true essence & power.

 By saying yes to yourself, you are opening to receive.

There's no one size fits all. My approach is unique and individualized infusing techniques you'd benefit from most. Without support you could attempt this for years w/ trial and error or condense time and experience it now. The better you feel, the quicker you get what you want.

The human body is a tool with energy/codes/vibrations/realizations running through it. We choose what we want to receive and activate in our system which reflects externally into the life we live. We are powerful beings, an expression of God,Source, Divine, Creator and its time to break free from struggle, fear, illusion, scarcity and separation.

Healing is ultimately dependent on proper use to energy both of the physical body and mind. The human body is dynamic by nature and requires proper level of energetic communication in order to function optimally. At the scientific quantum level, there's nothing else but energy and information. All of the processes in the body are directed by the fields information (energy) that form complex system that drive chemistry and influences biology. Distortion of energy flow leads to development of dis-ease (lack of harmony) which begins with your daily thoughts and emotions.

My prices are based on my talent, not your budget.

When you choose to expand, a journey of evolution begins. You face your fear and unlock the density programs to come into wholeness. You are trusting yourself to receive the resources and realizations.

Feel your bravery, take the leap into your liberation.

Investing is sacred, a prayer, devotion, intention and deep activation into your soul self.

Do it open heartedly, be clear and present.

What a gift to have resources to honor yourself.

 The energy in which you invest is the energy in which your investment invests in you.

Its a choice, a commitment and are your number one priority.

The best investment is self investment.

Follow your heart. You are worthy.

Bloom Baby, Bloom

Book a 1:1 session 

Booking closes a day early. For same or next day sessions, please email for availability. 



These are group candle magick spells conducted by me during astrological events,full/new moon for various things dependent upon what is happening in the cosmos. Or my teachings as masterclasses.




There's 2 options here and both include some sort of healing. 



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