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Programmed with Getting off the Karmic Wheel first this will allow you to immerse yourself and channel the pure intention to get off the karmic wheel of debt, suffering and struggle. You will no longer feel the need to carry the karmic traumas, oaths, vows, agreements and contracts of this lifetime and of past lifetimes. This  will also release you from all karmic patterns that keep you locked in the karmic wheel, Manifesting Abundance Release to heal and clear hundreds and hundreds of beliefs that are blocking the full manifestation of abundance in all areas of your life. It also aligns and embodies supportive, powerful new beliefs that will assist you to become a successful manifestor and co-creator of your life. You will find yourself open and able to receive and bring through your true desires and Money alignment which brings the true perspective of money, through your own Source connection (God), and it will connect you to the purest energy of money. This  clears negative beliefs around money, the energy of money, old, outdated stories about money, Genetic and Collective views about money and shock and trauma around the energy of money the misuse of money, trauma around not having enough money, and money being used to destroy and damage through power, control or manipulation. It is also clearing religious programming about money, “Money is the Root of All Evil” & “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into Heaven.”


This pairs well with a $111 thorough money healing available as well so email to receive it. 


*all candles are made with coconut wax, herbs and oils are infused and theres crystals to keep your work going upon completion of candle magick.

Rich Bitch

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