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This will aid in setting boundaries, expressing yourself to have what you desire and it will heighten your manifesting to be concise. This can also assist with court/legal matters, purchasing home, interviews or important meetings especially during Mercury Retrograde. 


Programmed with alignments Authority Trauma Disconnect to dissolve the trauma around these experiences multidimensionally, bring deep healing into those relationships and dissolve false programming around authority, putting you more fully back into your own authority, through your own Source connection.Most people have had some sort of traumatic experience with authority, whether it is early in life with a parent or caregiver, in school, at work, or with a religious, societal or another person in authority over us (or who we believe is in authority over us). Claiming yoru voice this is a beautiful, energetic bridge of self-expression. It connects you to the outside world, and allows others to know and understand you. It works like a magical channel that lets you claim your rightful place as you move through life. It will work magic on your Throat Chakra. It will clear the traumas, emotions and beliefs that have accumulated there, causing you to lose your voice in any area of your life. This will activate your Throat Chakra so you can speak up and stand up for yourself and what you believe in a way that supports your Highest Good, and Mercury RX/justice energies. 


*all candles are made with coconut wax, herbs and oils are infused and theres crystals to keep your work going upon completion of candle magick.

Communication "Open Throat Chakra" Candle

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