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Porgrammed with sacred light purification. 3 sprays above your head or in your space daily is all thats needed.


Affirmation: My energy and sacred space are open, balanced, and clear.


It is a true powerhouse! It goes extraordinarily deep into cleansing and purifying all aspects of your being AND your environment (including your home and all people or animals, and all objects in your home, your vehicles and land).It clears out energies that act as a point of attraction for entities, dark portals, implants, all different types of low vibrational energies, including trauma, Oaths, Vows, Contracts, hooks, cords, and attachments, negative belief systems, thought forms, and dense emotions that are we are holding, and that are also in our environment, the objects in our homes and the land that we live on. This  goes deep into clearing all of these energies that we have been affected by,  from all timelines, dimensions, and realities, from the DNA and Ancestry, from every cell of the body, from all parts and aspects of our being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.It also brings in Divine protection and Sacred Technologies to assist us in keeping ourselves and our environment clean. To clear out these dense distorted energies AND the entities, implants and portals themselves, this healing tool is also calling in and working with Archangel Michael. You are creating a shield includes cloaking technology to provide protection from outside negative forces.It brings in the vibration of unconditional love/ Source love to everything within your shield.

Cleanse & protect spray

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